serie 6x52' for France Televisions

created by Thomas Bourguignon & Joerg Winger

Summer 82. While the football World Cup is in full swing, a group of German high school students arrive in a remote village in Ardèche for a language study holiday. During a Ouija session, a “spirit” threatens them: if they don’t find his body, which disappeared during the liberation of 1944, a curse will fall on the village. Frightened, the young people end up digging up his coffin. But it is empty.

The next day, a first family is struck by the curse. A man is found dead down the river.

Compelled to seek the truth, the high school students will have to face ghosts from the past and discover that the Germans correspondents are not here by accident.

Spirit Of Winter

mini-serie 3x52' for Arte

written by Florence Vignon & Cyril Mennegun / based on the eponymous novel by Laura Kasischke

On this Christmas morning, Nathalie and Mark wake up very late. While their daughter Alice is still asleep, Mark hurries to the airport to meet his parents who have come to celebrate Christmas with them. Rapidly, a dazzling blizzard rises and gradually interrupts all possibility of car traffic on the surrounding roads, forcing guests to cancel each other successively.
Without any news of Mark, Nathalie finds herself alone with Alice. A winter in camera session is then set up, during which the teenager’s attitude appears increasingly strange and incoherent…

Daughters of Fire

serie 6x52' for France 2

created by Maïté Sonnet & Giulia Volli

1609. The Basque Country becomes the scene of a bloody “witch hunt”: The Daughters of Fire.

When the local abortionist and healer is burned at the stake, her three daughters wake up in the middle of a nightmare. 

Forced to renounce their age-old traditions and their freedom, they will wage a merciless struggle for survival.