Thomas Bourguignon & Joërg Winger

A group of German teenagers arrive in Ardèche in the summer of 1982. They meet their French host families, and they are supposed to create a French-German play, in the context of the political effort to building a close and trusting French-German relationship. Instead, they find a dark and well-kept secret that leads us back into the last time a group of Germans arrived in the small town, back then in uniforms. The young people draw their parents and teachers into their adventure, as their helpers and antagonists. When the local secret is finally revealed, everyone’s world is turned upside down.

Esprit d’Hiver


Florence Vignon & Cyril Mennegun

On this Christmas morning, Nathalie and Mark wake up very late. While their daughter Ioana is still asleep, Mark hurries to the airport to meet his parents who have come to celebrate Christmas with them. Rapidly, a dazzling blizzard rises and gradually interrupts all possibility of car traffic on the surrounding roads, forcing guests to cancel each other successively.
Without any news of Mark, Nathalie finds herself alone with Ioana. A winter in camera session is then set up, during which the teenager’s attitude appears increasingly strange and incoherent…